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The Billy Cone Collection


“A prerequisite to good photography is spontaneity”. Billy  Cone


Billy Cone Retrospective

27 Years of Pictures Speaking Louder Than Words

This accomplished artist’s “joie de vivre” approach spans 27 years of exquisite photography allowing the viewer to feel the soul, of his captured images. Called a “purist in the use of the camera” by C. Reynolds Brown, Director of Louise Wells Cameron Museum, Billy’s photos of noted landmarks, the mystic of the human image and pronounced architecture of Europe’s capitals, form the body of his first ever showing in Charleston. On view at Dunes Properties’  The Real Estate Studio at 214 King Street from July 1 –  August 6,  2009 and presented by EpicVu, LLC.

This artist is also an accomplished writer and has produced from his love of traveling abroad and extended jaunts throughout France, two vivid photo journals capturing his “ma journee en France” day in my life books. His third publication is a grand compilation of statuary from French cemeteries; each photo takes on an ethereal tone and allows the viewer to see the exquisite nature of his work.  His natural ability to find a symbiosis of balance and harmony are achieved each time this phenomenal artist’s shutter is released.

The prominent Cone Family has been a patron of the arts for over a century. Utilizing the funds from the Cone Family “Denim Dynasty” great aunts Claribel and Etta started The Cone Collection in 1898 when they traveled to Europe collecting Matisse, Picasso, Cezanne, and Van Gogh works of art and amassing one of the world’s most important collection of modern art, which is currently housed in the Cone Wing of the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Billy has followed in this devotion to modern art by establishing a large collection of mostly contemporary portraiture and figurative works from France, Asia and points abroad. The collection is currently available for temporary exhibition.

Mission Statement

The primary goal of The Billy Cone Collection is for it to be shown to the public in major metropolitan museums and or galleries in the United States. Due to the significant number of works from France, Asia and abroad, the collection is poised to appeal to those who have an international lifestyle. The collection is currently available for temporary exhibition. Please email Billy, for consideration.

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