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"Billy is a free spirit who looks upon our world through his own unique vision.

He reaches across centuries, tapping styles and civilizations to seamlessly integrate

them within his contemporary creations. This is a trademark of all of his finished work –

be it a photograph, a painting, or a ceramic." Ralph Esmerian

Photos de Voyage & A Gourmet’s Journal

June 20, 2009

Billy Cone’s book is a tale about his love of France and its cuisine. Billy intimately tours France in his second book not simply as a visitor but as a true lover of the country.

Transparent“She is a woman, feminine yet in touch with her masculine side, seductive, artsy, full of history and chere (expensive). She only demands of travelers some prior knowledge of her glorious past, a love of life, and plenty of espece (cash). I call her ma maitresse (my mistress0 and for the last fifteen years she has been loyal as a companion and challenging as my teacher. If Heaven is a place, it would be on the Michelin Map of France.”

“France is like an onion. Peal it and each layer reveals a different people of different means and backgrounds. But the two things that do not change from the outer skin to the core are their love for their language and good food. At the risk of sounding redundant, I cannot emphasize enough how the French love to (converse) and to bien bouffer (eat well). Granted these things are important in all corners of the globe, but the French take them to a higher level of awareness and appreciation. “

Photos de Voyage & A Gourmets Journal will be available for purchase and personal signing July 1, 6:00 at his first show in Charleston at 214 The Real Estate Studio.


Sixty Days under the Influence- A Photo Journal through France

June 15, 2009



This Pica award winning first book by Billy Cone starts with a sense of adventure, a passion for photography, a stay with a French host family and studying at a language school in Paris. This fabulous book describes his exploration of the French country side capturing the mood of each destination with descriptions of local color and memorable meals.

Billy Cone, an award winning photographer and self proclaimed gourmet, gives a personal account of his travels throughout France. Rich color photography delights the eye; la langue francaise intrigues the ear, while mouthwatering details of French cuisine awakens the palette.  This book serves as an inspiration to those who have dreamed of living abroad and capturing the spirit of another’s culture.

Billy frequents France as often as he can to absorb the culture and to inspire his life’s work of capturing the human soul in photography and on canvas. He is currently in Paris for a long jaunt of inspiration. Billy will have this first book for purchase and signing on Wednesday July 1.

Praise For Living Statues

June 9, 2009

IMG_4560“Billy Cone is a purist in the use of the camera. By including the margins of each negative there is a continuity in our seeing exactly what he saw. The essence of Cone’s photography explores human emotions and conditions, including love and companionship, loneliness and dependency, heroism and sensuality.” – C Reynolds Brown, Director, Louise Wells Cameron Art Museum

“Cone’s photos are remarkable. I particularly liked ‘Now I Lay Me Down’ and ‘Les, Soeures.’ They make me think of an Italian painter named Caravaggio of the 16th and 17th centuries who created powerful contrasts of shadows and light which he called, ‘chiaroscuro.’ Living Statues is a very, very beautiful. Bravo.” – Noelle Vignaux, Paris Art Gallery Owner

“Cone’s photos are magnificent and very intense. I adore the engraving-like nature of his photos. This book is a great inspiration to us all and to sculpture itself. One of Cone’s photos reminds me of a sculpture by Camille Claudel who worked with Auguste Rodin.” – Laurence Connelly, Artist

“The sculpture is a special kind of art that returns the rock its lost soul. Every sculpture has its own story, its own story, its own life, and its own feelings. Light and dark are the key to awaken these resting souls. Billy’s camera opens the emotion of statures and reveals their lives in photography.” – George Pocheptsov, Child Prodigy Artist

While in France Today…

May 31, 2009

“My last two shots were “Beaubourg” or the formal name Le Centre Georges Pompidou and Le CanIMG_4557al St Martin.  Beaubourg is the familar name for this massive structure built inside out as a museum where the piping and ductwork and HVAC is on the outside in bright colors. I escalated to the top in the clear bubble escalator which put me on the sixth floor where I shot with a 100 to 400 zoom lens;  I shot many sights of rooftops including the Le Sacre Coeur Basilica in the distance led up to by beautiful parisian rooftops so unique here so signature of paris:  I shot a youth drinking coffee and having a gitane I suppose outside on his rooftop getaway with beautiful graffiti all around him; I shot the Canal St Martin the next day a place I go often there was a stinch in the air and I wondered if it was the canal which seemed closed to boat travel for some reason;  I got some interesting shots of the details of the canal and the happenstance artwork with the local surroundings; only a picture could describe it; shot the locks and the residential sections and had lunch at  Chez Prune: Lieu Jaune and salmon together in a sauce wth delicious brown rice with black olives and celery root delight cooked and wonderful with a Coka Light all for 15.50 euros tip included.” –  Billy Cone.


May 18, 2009

Billy Cone Retrospective

27 Years of Pictures Speaking Louder Than Words

“A prerequisite to good photography is spontaneity” -Billy Cone

This accomplished artist’s “joie de vivre” approach spans 27 years of exquisite photography allowing the viewer to feel the Femmesoul, of his captured images. Called a “purist in the use of the camera” by C. Reynolds Brown, Director of Louise Wells Cameron Museum, Billy’s photos of noted landmarks, the mystic of the human image and pronounced architecture of Europe’s capitals, form the body of his first ever showing in Charleston. On view at Dunes Properties’  The Real Estate Studio at 214 King Street from July 1 –  August 6,  2009 and presented by EpicVu, LLC.

This artist is also an accomplished writer and has produced from his love of traveling abroad and extended jaunts throughout France, two vivid photo journals capturing his “ma journee en France” day in my life books. His third publication is a grand compilation of statuary from French cemeteries; each photo takes on an ethereal tone and allows the viewer to see the exquisite nature of his work.  His natural ability to find a symbiosis of balance and harmony are achieved each time this phenomenal artist’s shutter is released.

The prominent Cone Family has been a patron of the arts for over a century. Utilizing the funds from the Cone Family “Denim Dynasty” great aunts Claribel and Etta started The Cone Collection in 1898 when they traveled to Europe collecting Matisse, Picasso, Cezanne, and Van Gogh works of art and amassing one of the world’s most important collection of modern art, which is currently housed in the Cone Wing of the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Billy has followed in this devotion to modern art by establishing a large collection of mostly contemporary portraiture and figurative works from France, Asia and points abroad. The collection is currently available for temporary exhibition.