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Photos de Voyage & A Gourmet’s Journal

June 20, 2009

Billy Cone’s book is a tale about his love of France and its cuisine. Billy intimately tours France in his second book not simply as a visitor but as a true lover of the country.

Transparent“She is a woman, feminine yet in touch with her masculine side, seductive, artsy, full of history and chere (expensive). She only demands of travelers some prior knowledge of her glorious past, a love of life, and plenty of espece (cash). I call her ma maitresse (my mistress0 and for the last fifteen years she has been loyal as a companion and challenging as my teacher. If Heaven is a place, it would be on the Michelin Map of France.”

“France is like an onion. Peal it and each layer reveals a different people of different means and backgrounds. But the two things that do not change from the outer skin to the core are their love for their language and good food. At the risk of sounding redundant, I cannot emphasize enough how the French love to (converse) and to bien bouffer (eat well). Granted these things are important in all corners of the globe, but the French take them to a higher level of awareness and appreciation. “

Photos de Voyage & A Gourmets Journal will be available for purchase and personal signing July 1, 6:00 at his first show in Charleston at 214 The Real Estate Studio.


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