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Sixty Days under the Influence- A Photo Journal through France

June 15, 2009



This Pica award winning first book by Billy Cone starts with a sense of adventure, a passion for photography, a stay with a French host family and studying at a language school in Paris. This fabulous book describes his exploration of the French country side capturing the mood of each destination with descriptions of local color and memorable meals.

Billy Cone, an award winning photographer and self proclaimed gourmet, gives a personal account of his travels throughout France. Rich color photography delights the eye; la langue francaise intrigues the ear, while mouthwatering details of French cuisine awakens the palette.  This book serves as an inspiration to those who have dreamed of living abroad and capturing the spirit of another’s culture.

Billy frequents France as often as he can to absorb the culture and to inspire his life’s work of capturing the human soul in photography and on canvas. He is currently in Paris for a long jaunt of inspiration. Billy will have this first book for purchase and signing on Wednesday July 1.


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