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Praise For Living Statues

June 9, 2009

IMG_4560“Billy Cone is a purist in the use of the camera. By including the margins of each negative there is a continuity in our seeing exactly what he saw. The essence of Cone’s photography explores human emotions and conditions, including love and companionship, loneliness and dependency, heroism and sensuality.” – C Reynolds Brown, Director, Louise Wells Cameron Art Museum

“Cone’s photos are remarkable. I particularly liked ‘Now I Lay Me Down’ and ‘Les, Soeures.’ They make me think of an Italian painter named Caravaggio of the 16th and 17th centuries who created powerful contrasts of shadows and light which he called, ‘chiaroscuro.’ Living Statues is a very, very beautiful. Bravo.” – Noelle Vignaux, Paris Art Gallery Owner

“Cone’s photos are magnificent and very intense. I adore the engraving-like nature of his photos. This book is a great inspiration to us all and to sculpture itself. One of Cone’s photos reminds me of a sculpture by Camille Claudel who worked with Auguste Rodin.” – Laurence Connelly, Artist

“The sculpture is a special kind of art that returns the rock its lost soul. Every sculpture has its own story, its own story, its own life, and its own feelings. Light and dark are the key to awaken these resting souls. Billy’s camera opens the emotion of statures and reveals their lives in photography.” – George Pocheptsov, Child Prodigy Artist


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